Your Dream Job

The ceramic artist Laurent Craste always speaks about his art with passion. It makes sense – after all, ceramics and pottery are what motivates him!

It’s hard to know what you want to do later in life. But with this workshop focused on your passions, you have an opportunity to discover a profession that you might not have known about before.

Grade 3-4

Duration : 45 minutes

  • Discussion

  • Reflection

  • Hands-on


Based on your likes and dislikes, identify a future job that you’re passionate about.


Watch ”Laurent Craste – Présentation” (English subtitles)

Get into groups of 4-5 to talk about your passions.

Finish the workshop by finding your dream job, which can be a guideline for the future.


Pencil and paper, as needed.



Make groups of 4-5 students.


Take turns talking about your interests (sports, art, literature, life events, etc.)


Once everyone has had a chance to talk about what animates them, as a group, brainstorm some jobs linked to these passions.


Once the jobs are identified, bring the class together so that everyone can share what they’ve come up with.

Food for Thought

Laurent Craste is a ceramic artist and lives off his passion. It’s okay to not have picked your future career yet, but it might help you to know that it’s totally possible to find jobs based off of our passions.

Experience and time will forge a person, and a clear career choice will come with time.

Before this workshop, what job did you see your future self doing?

What is your dream job now, and do you think you’ll pursue it?