Whirling and Swirling

Get inspired by the Gustavo the jeweler’s whirlwind creations to create a dance that takes up the whole room.

Grade 3-4

Duration : 45 minutes

  • Performance


Create a choreography routine inspired by the creations of the jeweler Gustavo.


Projector to play video



Watch the video titled “Oeuvre”.


To get started, discuss some of the themes and ideas in Gustavo’s video as a class.


1st concept: Fill up the space.

Gustavo seeks to fill the space with consistent and continuous forms.


2nd concept: Continuity.

Gustavo’s shapes are continuous, as if they never stop. Explore this distinction between stopping and starting.


3rd concept: Curves.

Have the students move each part of their body (arms, head, legs, hips) to hit that curved shape.


4th concept: Close the curve.

After dancing in the space continuously, creating curves with your body, finish the dance to find this idea of ​​closure.

Food for Thought

Gustavo’s art dances! Everything can be an excuse to get moving, to explore new ways of being, new spaces.

Here, Gustavo’s art has inspired your own.
Do you have any objects, any music, or phrases that might inspire you to make your own choreography?