It's Said That…

At the MUMAQ, we discover the tales and legends that make Quebec’s heritage so unique.

A legend is a story in which historical facts are transformed by the imagination. It’s presented as a true story, even if it’s total fiction.

A legend often ends with a moral of the story.

Once you’ve heard the story of La chasse-galerie, it’s up to you to create your own legend!

Grade 3-4

Duration : 30 minutes

  • Imagination

  • Reflection

  • Teamwork


Create your own caption in a small group using the images provided.
A legend is a story where historical facts are transformed by the imagination of the storyteller.


Tell the story of La chasse-galerie (The Flying Canoe) as an example of a legend, then have the class create their own.

In small groups, use the provided drawings to inspire your own legend.

The legend must have a starting point, a plot twist, and an ending.









Get into small groups (3-4 per group) and look over the drawings.




Location category:

Establish the landscape.
Begin to imagine a story.






Character category:

Determine who the hero is, along with their enemies and sidekicks.






Object and décor category :

Look over the various objects and decorations you’ve cut out. What roles will they play in your story?






When everyone has finished their legend, take turns presenting it, starting with “It’s said that in [insert location]…”

Food for Thought

We learn a lot about a society from its legends, which shed light on the fears, mysteries, and customs of a people.

Have you heard any legends from elsewhere? In your opinion, where does the legend of the yeti come from, for example? (This is a creature born from the folklore of Nepal, India and Tibet. This monster is said to have been spotted by climbers at the top of snow-capped mountains!) Or that of the kraken? (A fantastical creature from Scandinavian legends, born from the imagination of sailors).

To get to know a culture better, there’s nothing like exploring its legends! Take the time to find the small details, and analyse the landscape of the legend to learn more about the countries where these stories were born!