Unleash Your Passions!

Gustavo expresses himself through the art of jewelry.

Now, it’s your turn to express yourself through your passions, so that your classmates can get to know you better!

Grade 3-4

  • Performance

  • Hands-on


Express yourself through your passions.


Video projector to play video



Watch the video called « Présentation ».


Give the students a few days to think about how they want to express themselves for the class, emphasizing their passions, tastes, and individuality.


The presentation can take as long as they want.


They can also use external elements: objects, music, videos, photos, etc.

Food for Thought

Passionate people are fascinating!

Expressing yourself through your passions allows you to learn about everyone’s tastes and discover areas of interest that you might never have explored before.

The next time you go to a museum, take a good look at the works: you’ll see that, very often, they reflect something special and unique about the artists and their lives.