Life in Colour!

We all have a favourite colour, or at least one that we like to look at.

But why are some colours more attractive than others? HotelMotel likes to work with soft, pastel colours, which we see in their work. By talking about our favourite colours with our classmates, we can learn more about each of them, about their histories, and about each other.

Every colour has a meaning, and today, we’re going to uncover them!


Duration : 30 minutes

  • Teamwork

  • Discussion

  • Reflection


For HOTELMOTEL, colour is a major inspiration.
We all have favourite colours.

These colours guide us and stay with us throughout our lives.
In this activity, we’ll learn more about our favourite colours and why we love them so much.


Watch ”HOTELMOTEL – Démarche artistique” (English subtitles)

Form groups of 3, 4.

Exchange on colors.


Print out or project the colour profile handout Annexe.



Split the class into groups of 3-4 and play the video.


Taking turns, have everyone share their favourite colour and explain why they love it.


Is this colour associated with:

  • A particular memory?
  • An object?
  • A favourite food?


Project or hand out the colour profile sheet to learn more about the significance of each.

Food for Thought

For HotelMotel, colour is a major inspiration that moves them to make art.
Imagine a world without colour: how boring, drab, and lifeless that would be!
After sharing our favourite colours and reading about the significance of each, do you think your favourite colour matches you?