Deconstruct to Rebuild

As the artist Laurent Craste shows us, everyday objects can be reinvented. The miracle formula is to start from a basic object and use our imaginations to transform it.

In this workshop, creative freedom and imagination are the keys to success! Together, we’ll be transforming an old tin can into a new vase. The final touch? We’ll be adding a personal detail onto our vase, like Laurent does. To his final products, he adds dangerous implements like baseball bats, nails, and axes.

Grade 3-4

Duration : 45 minutes

  • Arts and crafts


Deconstructing in order to build: this is how Laurent Craste captivates us.

Starting with an everyday object, we’ll draw from our imaginations to reinvent it.


Watch ”Laurent Craste – Œuvre” (English subtitles).

Using a tin can and your imagination, create a vase by destroying its main function and reinventing it.


  • Tin can
  • Acrylic paint
  • Brush
  • Feathers, ribbons, beads, stickers, etc.



Here’s an example of an object modification – in this case, a tin can:

Soak the tin can in hot water for 1 hour before the activity begins.


Once the labels are removed, start by applying paint.


Finally, customize your can using feathers, ribbons, beads, stickers, …

Food for Thought

Creation can grow from deconstruction!
This is Laurent Craste’s philosophy as an artist.

Do you have any broken or damaged items at home or at school? Try reusing them to create brand-new works of art!