Matching Game

Artisans use many different materials to create their art.

Wood is pale brown and comes from trees.
Fabric is soft and light.
Glass is fragile and transparent.
Ceramic is solid, but breaks easily.

What are the pros and cons of each? What is each material good for?


Duration : 20 minutes

  • Memory


Naming and associating the right materials with the right objects.


Form teams of two.
Cut out the printed cards.
Shuffle them and play!




Cut the cards following the lines.


In teams of two, turn the cards upside down and mix them well.


Take turns turning over two cards.

When both items are made from the same materials, keep the cards with you.

If the two items are made of different materials, turn them upside down.


Warning! Some objects are made of more than one material.

To keep the cards with you, the items must be made from the same combination of materials.

Food for Thought

Will you be able to recognize what materials the objects in your classroom or in your home are made from?

As a class, explore the materials that the objects around you are made from.