Make a Collective Quilt

The artist Valérie Gobeil explores lots of different textile techniques. Giving quilting a try is a great way to familiarize yourself with the wide world of fabrics.

In sewing, quilting allows for various elaborate creations, which distinguishes it and makes it a popular craft. Formerly known as women’s work, today the art of quilting is democratized and appeals to anyone who tries it! Unlike other textile projects, quilting is a collective endeavour. Each participant can make a square, which will then be added to the quilt.

Grade 3-4

Duration : 1 period

  • Teamwork

  • Arts and crafts


Discover the world of quilting in order to create a collective work of art: for example, its importance in many communities and in the past.


Watch ”Valérie Gobeil – Démarche artistique” (English subtitles)

Choose a theme that is dear to you.

Draw something inspired by that theme.

Glue all of the squares on a large sheet of cardboard to make a collective quilt.


  • Sheet of paper
  • Felt markers
  • Large colored cardboard sheets



Cut a 10 cm x 10 cm square out of a sheet of paper


Draw something inspired by your chosen theme on the square.


Assemble all the drawings.


Glue the drawings onto the large sheet of cardboard

Food for Thought

Look how beautiful all of these drawings are together! It’s amazing what we can do when we create as a team!

Imagine all those long days and nights that the women of yesteryear spent chatting and working on their quilts. When you visit the museum, you’ll be able to admire all their hard work.